Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I think i might be either a sadist or a masochist or something

So part of the way my office administers DEP (delayed entry program) is trying to see who has 'leadership capabilities'. So what does this mean for kids still in highschool and college who have no real responsibilities. Well... the recruiters make us design PT schedules. And even more fun then that, they make us administer them. Your job is to motivate the kids who cant pass the IST (this is half of the real PT test and if you cant pass that, you shouldent be signing up for the marines) and get them to finish your PT schedule.

I was not nice when i desgined it. I did a 3 mile run, then 20 2 man Marine Corps pushups (thats 40 regular). Max crunches in 2 minutes. Wind sprints. Then everyone did 15 pullups (as many as you can do then assisted for the rest). It was amazing, everyone was tired but feeling good. If i could, i would have made us do another 3 mile run. I want to cross the treshold where pain dosent matter anymore.

But there is 1 kid, im scared for. He cant finish the 3 mile run. We were running at a slow pace too. Its not like we were running hard. He kept stopping. I dont care if you have to slow down to slower than walking pace, as long as you dont actaully stop to walk. Keep the running motion at whatever speed you need to FINISH. But dont stop. I had to run the last half mile running backwards and yellin trying to get this kid to finish. I wish he would put out the way we want/ned him too. He makes us all look bad when he dosent finish. And with 3 guys yelling, you either put out or you go home. He refuses to do either.

To be honest i dont know whats happened to me recently. I used to not want to work out and not want to run, But now that im winding myself going on good long runs and doing some upper body i do feel like its a change happening in me. I like the pain. I like the feeling like i might die if i keep going, and toughing through it. I like being with people who im suffering with. Something in me is a little different. I cant wait till boot to finally become a marine though.

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