Friday, May 15, 2009

where are all my friends going....

First it was big tobacco...

Now its the Fobbits need ice cream too....


im not sure whats going on. Both of them were some of my favorite blogs, and now they are gone.

However... i find solace in the fact that Ranger Up still has some of BT's writing including the 3 rules(which are printed out in my office, and at home, and in my truck and....)

Wherever you are BT...

As lame and gay as it sounds. You changed my life.


I got an annoying e-mail from someone wanting me to write for him. Guess what. I don't write for anyone but me. The point of this blog is to remind myself what i was as a civilian so when i become a marine i don't fully loose myself, and know how much i have improved or not as a person. Thats the point of this. Not to entertain you (although i hope i do).

I don't get very many readers here, and im ok with that. I don't really care too much if i get 100 people reading or 0. Obviously my ego will be nicer if i have 100 then 0, but its not the mission of this to become popular.

I hope y'all realize that, the posts about not posting are reminders of what a flake i am. the posts about my fear are to remind me of how fearful i am, and how much i hate taking big risks.

but at the end of the day, as selfish as this sounds. This blog is for me. not you. I hope to share in the experience, but that's not the mission. The mission is to remind myself of what i am now so when i become more, i can judge myself fairly.

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