Thursday, January 15, 2009

i think i might be a little bit retarded

YEah.... i stalled my car, getting onto a freeway. IM not quite sure how i managed to do that but it was a special level of retard that only i could do.

Anyway ive been working in the warehouse here moving shit around so we can eek a little more space out of the cramped area. And its been nice and cool so i can actually be on the second floor without sweating like a whore in church, or larry craig in an airport bathroom....
or whitney huston in the hood....

Sorry... something shiney must have moved by. Anyway, been moving pallets and getting the warehouse organized properly so we might actually not loose any boxes this year (woohoo!!!!)

in other news, my legs are still fucking sore from duchebag running farther faster than he possibly can.

Also, i foudn my marine PT shirt finaly. I thought i left it in california with an ex girlfriend, but after going to grab some long john shirt yesterday, i found it. Crazy shit this putting shit away is.

Anyway. i gotta git off here or my boss is gonna hang my ass from the lift in the warehouse. Be safe yall.

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