Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A nice little ramble

So i aint updated this in a while. I must admit its a cross of me being lazy and busy.

So let me do a quick up-to-speed of whats going on with me


Work has been kinda busy, not so busy that im stressing and pulling my hair out, but busy enough i dont get to sit and play yahoo checkers all day. In otherwords, the extra employee is helping my stress levels as well as there being enough work for the 2 of us to comfortably make money.


My dumbass singned up too late for classes, so i was put in a status where if enough people dropped from the classes i wanted i could get in. Well apparently people care about their education so i am not in school this semester. I guess thats a good thing so i can work my ass off and try and pay off my truck before i leave.

so now comes my opinions on crap going on in the world


Since when is one side breaking a ceace-fire not grounds to go and resume the war that the ceacefire stopped. Hamas has been firing rockets since june. To me this is extrodanary patience on the side of the Isrealies for not launching the attack earlier. I think if more of us knew what hamas was really doing (stockpiling weapons in schools, mosques and hospitals and hiding behind civilains) we would really be in support of isreal. But you cant expect the media to like... report or anything. They are more infatuated with Obama's inaguration.


People, for the love of god. YOU CONTROL THE ECONOMY. the economy is one thing that if you put your head under the sand will actually fix itself. Lets look at situations A and B for a moment.

A: People stop paying attention to the stock market. They continue to live their lives and giggle at wall street execs going down in flames. Ressesion is small, pulls self out quickly.

B: People freak out when there is no real reason to. Uncertanty rises. Government socializes country. We end up like france.

Do you really want to end up like france. Go to best buy and buy some little stuff that you can afford. Try to save 10% of your paycheck. Lets be honest here guys, we need some new thinking to get us out of the mental hole we dug ourselves. If consumer confidence numbers went up, then the economy will sort itslef out.

Anyway guys, thanks for stickin with me for this long.

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