Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sometimes i do indeed, suck at life

ok so i suck at life for not writing in this thing for 2 weeks. So lets see whats been up.

I had 2 pool functions in the past 2 weeks. So what are the results:

Pool function 1 (South Florida Poolie compitition)

Did a shitload of pullups (19)

Did not a shitload of crunches (71)

did not run. Caused trouble, hung out.

Pool Function 2 (standard pool function, did IST)

Did some pullups (10, could do more but gunny stopped me)

Did even less crunches (61)

Did a pretty good run time (12 minute mile and a half)

So theres the marine aspect.

On a personal note, i have been sleeping like shit. Ive also not been focusing well due to the fact im so frikkin tired. Idk whats going on, but im trying to work on it. Thank god for 5 hour energy at work.

ALso, a great quote about personification:

Curious, i have never understood the human compulsion to bond with inanimate objects. This vessel has done nothing. It is an assemblage of bulkheads, conduits, tritanium, nothing more.

Oh your wrong, its much more than that. This ship has been our home, its kept us together. Shes been part of our family, as illogical as this might sound, i feel as close to her as i do to any member of my crew. Shes carried us, even nurtured us, and right now she needs one of us.

+10 nerd points if you can call the show, and episode its from. +5 if its just the show.

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