Thursday, March 26, 2009

British MEP and a Rant about Obama

By now i think everyone has seen this video. And if you havent, its the kind of dressing down Obama and Congress need. Its the kind of dressing down Mr. Brown needs and i sincerely hope that Mr. Hannan makes a speech at the upcoming G20 Summit. If not... im afraid all we will get out of there is borrow and spend more.... even though we are getting to the point where these numbers are so big and so rediclious they only exist on computers.

Something else that i found incredibly interesting is this image from the Heratige Foundation

To me George Bush's "compasonate Conservatism" was a stupid idea from the start. Instead of being a 'tax and spend' liberal he was a 'borrow and spend' liberal. the only conservative thing about him was social conservatism. But i think we have reached a VERY scary line. The 2009 budget was just signed by President Obama in the way of the Omnibus spending bill, the second half of the TARP bailout funds and the 'stimulus'. FY09 Started in november, during the transition where obama was a big part of the budget negoiations, hence why congress passed a stopgap to keep funding for everywhere at 08 levels untill the new congress was seated. Thats why the 09 budget is purely obamas budget. George Bush is in Crawford Tx. Obama wanted the job, and if he does not want to work on the problems and keep blameing the past president, i dont think hes matured to the point where he should be a president.

His answer to the townhall question about the Defict should have been:
"the problems we face today are not small ones. We have a financial crisis of epic proportions, we have American families unable to see a doctor becuase of cost cutting at major buisnesses. We have students unable to repay the loans to get the education for jobs that are no longer there. Thats why our budget has such massive deficits, we cannot easily raise taxes but we cannot do nothing while those people suffer"

as much as i disagree with that statement, its better than "but Bush did it".

So much for hope and change.

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