Friday, March 13, 2009

Insomnia Part 2

The thought that is keeping me up at night. Its a thought that scares me. It chills me to the bone.

What if i have to enforce a police state in the United States.

Im forced to ask myself, what if i was the National Guard soldiers at Kent State? Would i fire too? And what if i agree with the people who are protesting?

What would i do if im faced with that dilemma? What would my soul do.

Before Jan 20th those thoughts never even occured to me. Now as we march down the path to socialism, i am forced to ask myself these questions that i dont want to answer.

The last time the United States Military was engaged in Major combat operations on US Soil was the Civil War. What has changed since then? Over 150 years have passed, and i would like to think we are a stronger nation now. However, i dont see us staying strong together for long.

I feel a dangerous change in the wind. a frightening sense that maybe this administration is going to kill this country. I know, i sound insane saying it, but i really have no clue what to think anymore.

so i sit staring at the celing staring at the celing while my brain runs at 10,000 MPH to nowehere. Weeks of all night brainstorming and im no closer to an answer than i was. I am frighened, a fear i have never felt before. A cold chilling fear. But like all fear, it exists to be conquered. Hell if Captian Janeway could figure it out, i certianly can. I mean shit, she was dumb enough to not use a fuse when blowing up the caretakers array, which we know she could do cuz she did it with a borg cube later in the series.

For all non-nerds, i appologize. Insomnia is turning into ADD.

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