Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I understand that under the weight of your massive bailout and other big spending projects you gotta come up with a way to help close the budget deficit. I know its alot of work to try and save the economy, especially while the treasury department has only 1 cabnet level appointee. But those are just facts, and as Ronald Regan once said, facts are silly little things.

So lets talk moral obligations. You are the Commander in Cheif of the United States Military. That means every order, every simple piece of the military comes back to you. You are the leader and are therfore responsible for the actions of those below you (namely the entire military). Therefore if someone is injured in the line of duty, it is because you sent them there (yes i know that there are outside forces and chain of command decisions that change that, but at the root that is the job of the presidency). Therefore you have a moral obligation to take care of those men. That is why the VA exists.

Now lets look at it another way. The United States Military has roughly 3 million employees. This plan is to take away workmans compensation from the us military. In almost every state, that is illegal.

As i said before, the challenge of closing the budget deficit is a big one. However, the United States Military is not the place to start cutting corners (maybe on appropirations, but not medical care).

Please consider this a warning.

Kindest Regards
Poolie Skippy

Update 1:

I forgot to link the news story. here it is

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