Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It makes Sense

So yesterday im moving my boxes around during the daily fedex pickup, and i make the offhand comment to the driver that i really dont care too much on if the shelves fall over, they just need to stay up for 6 more months. Conversation follows:

Driver: Where you going in 6 months

Me: I leave for the Marine Corps

Driver: No shit, you know i used to be in the army?

Me: No i didnt, that makes sense though.

Driver: What makes sense.

Me: That we get along, you were in the army and you got your head on mostly straight, thats why your nice to us, politite to my coworkers and do your job well

Driver: I never thought of it that way

Me: If college has taught me one thing, many of the people with degrees these days are fucking retarded. Everyone i know who is in or has been in the military is an awsome person, most people outside that realm are kinda douchebags.

Driver: well... cant argue with good logic. Only 27 today?

Mel: Hey, i normally only have 5 boxes for ya, need help gettin em to the truck?

Driver: Nahh, im good. See ya tomorrow.

Ive never really looked deep to find that out, it just kinda happened. The people i choose to hang out with are either going into, have been or are currently in the US Military. I guess theres a certian quality of person that does that that i like.

Or im in miami and those are the only people who dont wave the 'im from cuba' or 'im from hati' flags

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